art blog wow
oh look another art blog

I like AUs too much, commissions are closed, and I'm on a semi-hiatus idk school blows!!

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  • zelink said: what is happening


    "I have three eyes," he said. "Two in me and one in you. Brilliant." [x]

    please stop writing sad fic of my childhood ships it’s rude


    Whoops I chibied clairedraws’ awesome flower shop Valvert AU :D

    this is a witch’s house, you know

    crispusattucksftw queried: hey I just wanted to say that you're art has inspired me a lot! whenever I draw, I kinda make slightly bigger noses, never small and petite. people make fun of me for it, but you /kinda/ do it too, and you're art looks wonderful! it makes me want to draw more of my funky looking people thank you!!

    aw that’s really cool, I’m glad!! don’t let those people drag you down, you’re gonna rock the world w/ your wild character designs and it’s gonna be great

    this is what goes down in ap art

    paranoid centaurs


    reading date ╰(◡‿◡✿╰) by clairedraws

     Aziraphale | Crowley | P

    get out of the house, man

    Anonymous queried: I read the Bartimaeus trilogy it is good you should read it

    I’ve got a few friends who swear up and down it’s amazing, I’ve sadly just never gotten around to it!